N232429911 Door Striker May Fracture – 2024 Chevrolet Blazer, Blazer EV, Equinox, & GMC Terrain

Chevrolet & GMC

December 21, 2023 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 23V869000 Door Strikers May Fracture A door opening while the vehicle is being driven can increasing the risk of injury or a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 23V869 Manufacturer General Motors, LLC Components STRUCTURE Potential Number of Units Affected 265   Summary General Motors, LLC (GM) is recalling certain 2024 Chevrolet Blazer, Blazer EV, … Read more

N232403240 Child Seat Anchor Interference – 2020-2023 Chevrolet Equinox & GMC Terrain

Chevrolet & GMC

May 11, 2023 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 23V339000 Child Seat Anchors May Not Function/FMVSS 225 The inability to install a child seat with the LATCH anchorage bars could result in an unsecured child seat, increasing the risk of injury in a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 23V339000 Manufacturer General Motors, LLC Components CHILD SEAT Potential Number of Units Affected 668,187   … Read more

Product Safety Recall N212352530 Windshield Wiper Failure – 2014-2015 Chevrolet Equinox & GMC Terrain

2015 Chevrolet Equinox

March 17, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V165000 Windshield Wipers May Fail Inoperative windshield wipers can reduce visibility in certain driving conditions, increasing the risk of a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V165000 Manufacturer General Motors, LLC Components VISIBILITY Potential Number of Units Affected 681,509   Summary General Motors, LLC (GM) is recalling certain 2014-2015 Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles. … Read more

Information on 9TH Gear Operation – 2018-2023 Buick Cadillac Chevrolet GMC

Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac

NHTSA ID Number: 10219391 Manufacturer Communication Number: 21-NA-181 Summary This service bulletin provides 9th gear operation information to respond to customers that may comment on transmission shift operation.   Condition Some customers may comment that the transmission doesn’t shift into 9th gear or maintain 9th gear operation to customer expectations.   Information The GM 9-speed transmission does … Read more

Drivers Side Object Sensing Alert Module Not Working Correctly and/or Incorrect Side Mirror Notification – 2018-2023 Chevrolet Equinox & GMC Terrain, 2018-2020 Holden Equinox

2023 Chevrolet Equinox

NHTSA ID Number: 10219264 Manufacturer Communication Number: 18-NA-176 Summary This technical bulletin provides a procedure to add reflective butyl tape to the rear drivers side module to correct the radar reflection being detected and triggering the false alerts.   Condition Some customers may comment when driving, the side mirror indicates there is a vehicle present when there … Read more