Excessive Oil Consumption – Perform Oil Consumption Test and/or Install Piston and Piston Ring Kit – 2010-2013 Buick Chevrolet GMC

NHTSA ID Number: 10116880

Manufacturer Communication Number: 13-06-01-003H



This technical bulletin provides a procedure to replace the pistons, connecting rods and bearings for vehicles that have the condition of excessive oil consumption and add oil before the oil change is required.



PISTON AND RING KIT, ENG (Set of 4) 19303450
SEAL, CM/SHF 12609291
BOLT, CONN ROD (8 Required) 90537293

19 Affected Products


BUICK REGAL 2011-2013
BUICK VERANO 2012-2013
GMC TERRAIN 2010-2013


Bulletin No.: 13-06-01-003H
Date: Feb-2016



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Bulletin No.: 13-06-01-003G
Date: Feb-2015



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Bulletin No.: 13-06-01-003F
Date: May, 2014



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Bulletin No.: 13-06-01-003E
Date: April, 2014



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Bulletin No.: 13-06-01-003B
Date: Jul-2013



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Bulletin No.: 13-06-01-003
Date: Jun-2013



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Last update on 2019-06-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

22 thoughts on “Excessive Oil Consumption – Perform Oil Consumption Test and/or Install Piston and Piston Ring Kit – 2010-2013 Buick Chevrolet GMC

  1. So we took the car to our local GMC dealer and they changed the oil (for which I paid – it was due one anyway) then they said we should drive it for 1000 miles and bring it back to check the oil levels. We drove it 300 miles and my husband (at my request cause I was worried) checked the oil level and it was good – we drove 200 additional miles and the ‘stop engine oil level low’ message came on. We were at an intersection so when the light changed we pulled into the nearest parking lot (about 500 ft.) and parked the car, turned it off and my husband checked the oil – there was NO OIL on the dip stick – so we did not want to mess up the test by adding oil (and we were not sure adding oil would be helpful if there were engine damage) so we had the car towed to the dealership – this was yesterday (Sunday) so I called this AM and they said they had received my phone mail that I left and would check the car and top it off (TOP IT OFF!!!!). I am waiting for them to check the car and see what we need to do but I do not trust the car to go 1000 miles again nor do I want to be stranded for another 3 hours waiting for a tow truck and my daughter-in-law to come get us – Not sure how much leverage I have but I would think this was an EPIC FAIL!

  2. I’m like everyone else. Burning oil and pistons need to be replaced. 81,000 mikes. Called Buick and they could care less even though it’s a known problem. Will certainly be my last Buick.

  3. Chevy equinox 2012, but the truck a month ago, notice a rattle noise on the engine, after a month +1000 miles driving, need to add 2q of oil,
    today 7/17 has no oil. Take it to Sierra Chevrolet on Monrovia, the person on service department, mention that i need to pay $150 for diagnostic the problem, + need to pay 3 oil change to see if this truck has the issue mention on Bulletin: 13-06-01-003f. Why I need to pay for something that is not my fault. defect of manufacturing. And buy American Cars if don’t maintain the product defects after purchase…

  4. I had oil consumption problems with my 2012 Chevy Equinox. I brought it in twice for an oil consumption tests in 2015 before 100,000 miles and both times I was told the vehicle is “within” specs. I have to drive around with a couple quarts of oil and check my oil level constantly to make sure the oil doesn’t run low or out.
    I recently received a letter from Chevy stating they acknowledge a problem with oil consumption and the fix is for vehicles under 120,000 miles. I am now over this mileage and neither my dealership nor Chevy are willing to work with me to fix the problem without paying for it. I think this is ridiculous. I tried to address this problem at 80,000 and 90,000 miles. I have been looking for a new vehicle and actually was looking at another Equinox but am glad I did not purchase one now that I received the letter.

  5. My car is under this recall as well but GM is failing to proved full coverage for this issue. My car is 71 days past the DATE of warranty BUT 17,000 MILES UNDER the powertrain warranty. I am appalled at this lack of accountability. They send out “bulletins” rather than recalls and then it is only sent to the dealers, not the owners of the vehicles! They know these engines are junk but refuse to step up and cover the full cost of the junk they sold the consumers. This will be the last GM vehicle I ever own. 38 years old, and I have always bought GM…not anymore!

    1. Yup my timing chain jus went out on my “Certified” 2011 Buick with 80,000 miles right after my warranty is up

      1. My timing chain is making a bad noise, air compressor is going out and bad start up noise when car is cold or has sat for about 5 to 10
        Min. 2011 regal, only 75K miles. Was told no warranty. Would have to pay 1000 for compressor and didn’t get a quote for timingchain. Was told motor would have to be pulled. Any help or advise would
        Be great

  6. I’m just having pistons and rings replaced under warranty. Should I be worry about timing chain being damage since I have had ( my wife lol) oil consumption problem over a year or more?

  7. How did you all get your cars covered by the dealer? I have a 2012 GMC Terrain 2.4 L ECOTEC that is going through this exact problem. It goes through 3 QTs of oil between oil changes (5,000 miles). I gave the dealership and customer service my VIN # and they say that there is no recall associated with my car and haven’t heard of this issue with my car.

    1. Don’t kid yourself. GM is well aware. I just had to have my engine replaced at a cost to me of 5000+. My car was 20000 km out of extended warranty but I had oil consumption issues before that. The dealership said nothing to me about it then and they knew. The technicians were aware that there are problems. A Tech Service Bulletin was issued telling GM service techs to recalibrate the oil life monitors to a lower mileage so that you are getting your oil changed more often. I changed my oil 1 month before my engine blew bc of no oil.

    2. Call the Chevrolet national phone number or Go a different dealer if you can’t get them to understand it is an extended warranty. It is not a recall.

  8. 2012 GMC Terrain with the ECOTEC 4 cyl engine. On my 4th timing chain set. Replaced 1st at 40k, then at 70k, and again at 95k. GMC finally said it was due to this bulletin, excessive fuel consumption and low oil levels not lubricating the chain and rollers. Heck. They always changed the oil but just like everywhere else, no one checks the oil level when changing, just pull the plug, drain and replace. Pistons and rings needing replaced. Not sure why it took so long to say this but at 95,000 miles so I’m glad it happened while still under warranty. Engine was using 2 quarts of oil every 2,000 miles. Had it for 2 full days but they were great. Gave me a loaner and were very helpful and professional. Only worry is now vehicle is out of warranty if anything happens again.

    1. There is a problem with the high pressure fuel pump leaking into the engine causing the oil consumption. This is also causing issues with the rings. You might what to check into this “known” problem.

  9. 2012 Buick Verano Issues
    At 54,092 miles, engine warning light on. Had exhaust camshaft position actuator solenoid replaced.
    At 54,107 miles, engine warning light on. Had all timing chains replaced with tensioners, seals, gaskets & exhaust camshaft actuator & wire harness connector.
    At 57,948 miles had scheduled oil change. I reported that the car was idling very rough and there was a tapping noise. Dealer called me later that day and said that there was no oil in the engine. The service receipt I got however, stated that they only found the engine to be two quarts low. Not sure why the conflict.
    At 60,249 miles I checked the oil level and found no oil on the dipstick. I had to add three quarts to get a full indication on the dip stick. Several hundred miles later, I had to add another quart.
    At 61,194 miles, I brought the car in for a scheduled oil changed and told the service rep of the excessive oil consumption. He said that they will begin an oil consumption test.
    At 62,181 miles, I brought the car in as the oil dip stick had no oil when I checked the oil level. I left the car at the dealer but was told later that they only had to add 1/4 of a quart which I find hard to believe.
    At 62,755 miles, I brought the car to the dealer and told them that there was no oil reading on the dip stick. The service rep, a mechanic, and I checked the oil level together. It took a full quart of oil to indicate full. It was at this point (finally) that the dealer said the pistons and rings would need to be replaced. After the work was done, I noticed a rattling noise as I drove home. When I checked under the hood, I noticed that the oil fill cap was not on. I found it on the side of the engine.
    At 63,593 miles, the engine warning light came on. The intake cam actuator solenoid needed to be replaced. When I got home after the service was completed, I looked under the hood and found a bolt missing from the upper engine cover.
    Fortunately for me, I purchased an extended warranty so there was no cost for all of this work (except scheduled oil changes). I strongly suggest all Verano owners do the same.

  10. Buick was great about getting this fixed on my 2012 Regal. After they determined my car was burning excessive oil ( it was down 1.5 quarts in just over 1,000 miles), they scheduled the work (and even gave me a loaner car, a VERY nice 2016 Lacrosse) and had my repaired car back to me in 48 hours at no cost to me. Thanks Buick!! They had to replace the pistons, piston rings and head gasket.

    1. I have a 2011 Buick Regal with this problem and GM is not standing by their Special Coverage. Did you have an extended warranty on your vehicle? I find it amazing GM will fix some vehicles with the problem and not others. Terrible customer for satisfaction!!

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