Poor Engine Performance in Extremely Cold Weather Conditions, PCV Bypass Hose and Charge Air Cooler Icing for LUV Engines, Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Illuminated – DTC P0299, P0234, P2227, P00C7 Set – 2013-2021 Buick Encore & Chevrolet Trax

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NHTSA ID Number: 10222825

Manufacturer Communication Number: 16-NA-405


This service bulletin provides a procedure to install a PCV heater or a charge air cooler to correct the turbo charger system from freezing causing cold weather performance issues.



Some customers may comment that when driving in extremely cold weather conditions (-18°C or less / 0°F or less), their vehicle experiences one or several of the following conditions:

  • Loss of power.
  • Smoke out the tail pipe.
  • Hesitation on acceleration.
  • Stalling condition.
  • Burning oil odor possibly caused by oil leak.
  • May also notice a Malfunction Indicator Lamp illuminated.
  • After driving for a period of time, the driveability issues seem to diminish.
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Illuminated.

This condition may also cause an increase in crankcase pressure, creating oil leaks at seals and gaskets.

The technician may find one or more of the following DTCs set:

  • P0299
  • P0234
  • P2227
  • P00C7



This condition may be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Plugged crank case vent tube from ice forming in the tube during very cold weather conditions.
  • Ice accumulating in the intake manifold forming and blocking the PCV passage in the cylinder head.
  • Ice accumulation in the charge air cooler, restricting air flow to the throttle body.



Important: The PCV heater parts are only to be used in northern states or provinces where temperatures are -18°C or less / 0°F or less and for critical customers only.

Important: The DTCs and symptoms above are not exclusively related to freezing/icing conditions. Only follow this bulletin when the condition is directly correlated with extreme cold of -18°C or less / 0°F or less. System leaks should always be ruled out first for P0299. Signs of moisture will always be present in the CAC system and are not a reliable indicator of freezing/icing.

Note: U.S. vehicles are NOT built with the revised CAC or heated PCV bypass system. To determine which CAC is installed in the vehicle, refer to Charge Air Cooler Outlet Air Elbow Duct Replacement below.

If any of the conditions is validated to be caused by freezing/icing, verification of the following components is necessary on all U.S. and Canadian vehicles:

  • Grille Winter Cover
  • Heated PCV Bypass system
  • Modified Charge Air Cooler (CAC)
  • Elbow Duct

If not previously performed, install either the grille cover, heated PCV bypass, CAC or elbow duct.

If the vehicle has a verified icing condition associated with extreme cold, but has all the components listed above installed, perform the Intake Air Pressure and Temperature Sensor Inspection and Cleaning procedure and CAC drain procedure below.

If not previously performed, an oil change may be necessary to remove any moisture from the engine. Prior to the oil change, warm the engine up completely to melt any ice in the engine.


Parts Information

Note: BUP plant = ‘K’ VIN pos 1

SLP plant = ‘3’ VIN pos 1

Description Model Year Country Build Prior To Part Number Qty
Kit, PCV Heater 2013-2016 Canada All VINs 25198125 1
U.S. All VINs
2017-2018 Canada All VINs 25198126 1
U.S. All VINs
2019-2021 Canada Installed During Production
U.S. All VINs 12711708 1
Cooler, Charge Air 2013-2018 Canada Built prior to Sept. 27, 2017 (VIN pos 1 = K) 42574031 1
U.S. All VINs
2013-2018 Canada Built prior to March 19, 2018 (VIN pos 1 = 3) 42582747 1
U.S. All VINs
2019-2021 Canada Installed During Production
U.S. All (VIN pos 1 = K) 42574031 1
U.S. All (VIN pos 1 = 3) 42582747 1
DUCT, CHRG AIR CLR OTLT AIR (KIT) 2013-2021 All Built prior to October 15, 2019 (VIN pos 1 = K) 42751703

Important: If the part is not available, the dealer can order a new CAC outlet hose part number 42731155.

All (VIN pos 1 = 3)
SEAL, INT MANIF All Refer to the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC).
Filter, Oil All
Oil All


Description Model Year Model Part Number Qty
Cover, Grille Winter 2013-2016 &VK3 (with license plate bracket) Trax 42697325 1
2013-2016 -VK3

(without license plate bracket)

42702689 1
2014-2016 Note: 2020-2021

Encore will have a winter cover supplied in the vehicle.


42697326 1
2017-2021 42697332 1
2017-2021 Trax 42697331 1

18 Affected Products


BUICK ENCORE 2013-2021


1 Associated Document

Manufacturer Communications

Bulletin No.: 16-NA-405
Date: October, 2022


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