GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web)

General Motors



Diagnostic and Reprogramming Tool

Tech2 kit and Candi Module are available for purchase from Robert Bosch Aftermarket, LLC formerly Vetronix and OTC.


Training & Training Materials

Go or call 1-800-825-5886


Service & Collision Information

Online service information is available by subscription access at

Printed service manuals are available for purchase at

Additional collision repair information maybe found at


Reprogramming Information

Which models and model years are reprogrammable for which functions?

GM started service programming of Engine Controllers with some vehicles in the 1993 model year and ramped up to nearly 100% by the 1995 model year. The last engine controllers were for diesel engines used in medium duty trucks. All OBDII ECUs are programmable.

Body and chassis controllers were reprogramable in some vehicles starting in the 1996 MY, and phased in the next few years. Today some vehicles have as many as 28 reprogrammable controllers.


How to determine whether a recalibration update is available for a specific vehicle?

Go to and input the vehicle’s VIN and the site will return the calibration history for the particular vehicle.

If assistance is needed, call the TIS 2 helpline at 1-888-212-8959

How to get the recalibration update information?

Go to and purchase one of the TIS 2 Web subscriptions.


What equipment is needed to do the reprogramming?

A J-2534 device or a Tech2

GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light OEM GM Tech 2 Dealer Package
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Bosch GM MDI 2 (2nd Gen) MDI2 interface
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Bosch EL-52100-AM GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2 (MDI 2) Kit
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light CarDAQ-Plus
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light CarDAQ-Plus 2 Diagnostic Code Reader and J2534 Programming Tool
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Drew Technologies (DRWCDPLUSKIT) CarDAQ-Plus J2534 Flash Reprogramming Kit
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Drew Tech CarDaq-M 2 SAE J2534-1/2 Reflash Reprogramming Tool OEM Diagnostics
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light CarDAQ-Plus 3 All Makes J2534 Reprogramming Tool
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light RAP2 OEM J2534 Remote Reprogramming Tool
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Drew Technologies (DRWMONGGM) Mongoose GM Vehicle Interface (VPW/CAN) J2534
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Mongoose-Pro GM J2534 Vehicle Interface Cable – OEM Reprogramming and Diagnostics on General Motors Vehicles
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light VSI J2534 ECU Reprogrammer & Diagnostic Adapter
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Autel (AULMF2534) MaxiFlash Pro
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Autel MaxiFlash Elite VCI J2534 Pass-Thru ECU Programming Tool
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Dearborn d-Bridge Adapter J2534 OBDII Engineering Tool
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light Mongoose-Plus J2534 OEM Vehicle Interface Cable – OEM Reprogramming and Diagnostics for GM
GM Diagnostic/Programming (TIS2Web) » small light BOSCH Automotive Tools MTECH2 Mastertech II J2534 VCI


What systems requirements are needed to support the reprogramming?

For the latest copy of the TIS 2 Web Hardware and Internet Specification go to


General Information

Go or call the ACDelco eBusiness Helpdesk 1-800-825-5886 prompt #3

TIS 2 Web ACDelco technical support can be reached at 1-888-212-8959


Where can I find information on the use of TIS 2 Web, Service Information and Tech2?



Techline Connect (formerly TIS2Web) is the internet-based subscription service for GM vehicle calibrations, Global Diagnostic System software, and scan tool hardware updates. This single application covers all technical problems accurately and efficiently by integrating Service Information, programming, and scan tool diagnostics into a one-stop shop.



  • Helps improve profits by bringing diagnostics and repairs in-house
  • Saves time by helping to diagnose GM vehicles quickly and accurately
  • Quickly looks up vehicle calibrations
  • Provides access to trained experts for time-sensitive issues related to the operation of GM software
  • Offers multiple subscription options to better fit your service and diagnostics needs
  • Compatible with a variety of GM makes and models

Participants in my GM Partner Perks may be eligible for additional discounts (learn more).


Si (Service Information)

Keep your shop informed and up to date with the most current and accurate repair data. Service Information, or Si, is a comprehensive collection of vehicle diagnostic and service repair manuals for GM vehicles—so your shop has everything you need to perform safe, proper repairs.



  • Provides the most accurate and current repair information, to GM Original Equipment quality standards
  • Delivers collision repair procedures, frame-sectioning information, panel-replacement procedures, and recall information
  • Empowers your shop with service repair information to repair GM vehicles quickly and accurately
  • Speeds up service repairs and controls costs by helping you complete jobs correctly the first time
  • Features an expansive library of information that covers vehicle manuals, specifications, service bulletins, VIN tags, and more



  • GM Vehicle Diagnostic Service (1998-present)
  • Collision Repair Manuals (1998-present)
  • Frame sectioning information, panel replacement procedures, and recall information
  • Campaigns, service bulletins, and preliminary information for GM (1980-present)
  • GM Owner’s Manuals and glove box supplements (2003-present)
  • Easy-to-use keyword/document/number search



  • $20 for 3 days
  • $150 per month
  • $1,200 per year
  • $900–Perks+ and Pro Perks++ members are eligible for a discounted price of $900 per year (regularly $1,200)
  • CONNECTION users can receive Si at no charge by purchasing a minimum monthly target of ACDelco parts (learn more).


MDI2 (Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2)

MDI2 is a GM Global Diagnostic Interface tool for both current and future GM vehicles that allows Techline Connect to communicate with a GM vehicle. This tool is required to diagnose some newer GM vehicles (starting with model year 2021). 2010 and newer GM vehicles require GDS2 software running on a local computer, while MDI2 is connected to the vehicle. A Techline Connect subscription is necessary to run this tool.


MDI2 Features Include:

  • Wireless connection
  • High-speed USB 2.0 connection
  • Operation during engine crank
  • Extended temperature range
  • Enclosure design
  • Vehicle communication protocol coverage
  • DCL cable
  • New hardware expansion capabilities



GDS2 (Global Diagnostic System 2) & Tech2Win

This is the GM diagnostic scan tool required to use MDI2. It allows technicians to scan the vehicle for data and trouble codes. GDS2 is supported on 2014 models and newer—support on earlier model year vehicles varies between Tech2Win and GDS2 software (learn more here).



SPS (Service Programming System)

SPS is the software application that communicates with the vehicle through MDI2 to update and/or program control modules within the vehicle.






To maximize your shop’s potential, you need cutting-edge diagnostic technology. ACDelco’s Techline Information System (TIS) provides the essential tools and insight necessary in our ever-changing automotive service industry.

TIS2Web is the Internet-based subscription service for GM vehicle calibrations, Global Diagnostic System software and Tech2 diagnostic software updates. Trust ACDelco to empower your techs and bring your repairs to life. With over 100 years experience, ACDelco is one of the most qualified and committed champions of automotive service technicians

  • Speed service repairs and control costs with TIS2Web – designed to support and grow any size business
  • Save time when you diagnose GM vehicles quickly and accurately
  • Improve profits by bringing diagnostics and repair in-house
  • Access trained experts for time-sensitive diagnostic questions and concerns



Accurate and efficient vehicle diagnosis and repair is a corner stone for any vehicle repair facility. ACDelco Technical Delivery System has multiple subscription offerings to fit your service and diagnostic vehicle repair needs. Service information gives you access to all documentation for repairing General Motors’ manufactured vehicles. Diagnostics enable you to communicate with General Motors vehicles. Service programming enables you to download and update module calibrations. To assure proper software functionality, please assure your computer hardware meets our system requirements.



Service Programming System (SPS2)

Includes 24 months access to program all modules for one vehicle (VIN)



GM Light Duty Global Diagnostics 2-GDS 2 (Includes CAN Data Bus Diagnostic Tool)

Covers Chevrolet Light Duty Trucks

Vehicles Covered

3 Days $57.00
1 Month $227.00
1 Year $575.00


Freightliner Global Diagnostic Software

This subscription covers the diagnostic scan tool software for Freightliner XXXX Trucks

3 Days $57.00
1 Month $227.00
1 Year $575.00



Includes Software to emulate the Tech 2 on PC

3 Days $55.00
1 Month $225.00
1 Year $550.00


GM Medium Duty Global Diagnostics 2-GDS 2 (Requires Light Duty GDS 2 Subscription First)

Covers Chevrolet Medium Duty Trucks

3 Days $55.00
1 Month $225.00
1 Year $500.00


Global Diagnostic System (GDS2) + Tech2Win


GDS 2 and Tech2Win are used to diagnose automotive electronic systems

1 Year $775.00


Tech 2 Diagnostics Software (This purchase is non-refundable)

North American version 33.004

Released Aug. 14 2013

1 Time Download $249.00


Service Information

General Motors Service Repair Manual Information (does not contain software)

Campaigns & Bulletins from 1980 to present
Unit repair manuals from 1997 to present
Service manuals from 1996 to present
Owner manuals from 2003 to present
GM Mode 6 Data & OBD-II Diagnostic Parameters

3 Days $20.00
1 Month $150.00
1 Year $1,200.00


Techline Connect

Single application which integrates service information, programming and scan tool diagnostics

1 Year $3,864.00



A key code is a series of alphanumeric characters used by locksmiths to create a key.

Registered Vehicle Security Professionals can access key code information for General Motors vehicles through this site. This information may contain:

  • Ignition Key Code
  • Radio Unlock key code
  • Immobilizer Key Code
  • Compartment Key Code
  • Vats Key Code
  • Frequency Key Code
  • Glove Key Code
  • Storage Key Code

Key codes and Immobilizer information is available for 1985 to current General Motors vehicles, but some information may be missing for older vehicles. Users must have a valid Vehicle Security Credential from the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) to access this information.

Register for a Vehicle Security Credential through the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)


ACDelco Training

GM Service Information User Guides

System Requirements

GM Tech Info

Diagnostic Scan Tool

SPS Calibration Information

GM Dealer Equipment

GM Special Tools


The ACDelco Technical Delivery System store has been moved to Amazon.



Bestseller No. 1
Mongoose-Plus J2534 OEM Vehicle Interface Cable - Ford / Lincoln / Mercury OEM Reprogramming and Diagnostics
  • Industry-leading J2534 Pass-Thru Technology: Enabling diagnostics, reprogramming and security functions for dealerships and the independent repair facility. Economical and compact pass-thru devices provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to repair complex vehicles with OE applications in your shop. Each type (see single branded types above) Mongoose-Plus is engineered to work with one of the following OEM's J2534 applications for Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, & VW/Audi.
  • Supports Current & Earlier Vehicles: Enables diagnostics, programming and other “dealer” functions through OEM applications
  • NEW Bluetooth Wireless Options Available: Providing wireless connectivity between your laptop and the Mongoose-Plus
  • Expert Product Support: Staffed by technicians who understand vehicle repair and J2534 Pass‑Thru applications to help you with any technical setup questions
  • Key Registration and Immobilizer Support: Using NASTF Vehicle Security Professional credentials
Bestseller No. 2
Autel MaxiFlash Elite VCI J2534 Pass-Thru ECU Programming Tool Original for Autel MK908, MS908, MS908S, MK908P, MS908S Pro, MaxiSys Elite
  • 👍【Works with Autel MK908, MS908(S/Pro), MK908P, MaxiSys Elite】Autel J2534 work with these tools to program ECUs on specific BMW/ BENZ for specific functions. ★★NOTE: J2534 CANNOT directly work with these single devices. After you received the J2534, you HAVE TO send us both the S/N(12 digits) of your scanner MS908S(etc.) and J2534. So, technically, Autel engineers can help you bind J2534 with your devices. If need any supports, contact us via: 🚘auteldirect @ outlook. com🚘 !
  • 👍Fully compatible with both SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2 reprogramming standards and performs standard Pass Thru J2534 functionality. To check compatibility, please contact🚘auteldirect @ outlook . com🚘 directly for satisfaction-guaranteed support!
  • 👍Compatible with Toyota Techstream, Volvo VIDA, Honda HDS, Jaguar-Land Rover IDS and BMW 3G for OEM diagnostics. To check compatibility, please contact 🚘auteldirect @ outlook . com🚘 directly for satisfaction-guaranteed support!
  • 👍Built-In Wireless with advanced networking functions and data storage. Fast performance ensures reprogramming even the newest controllers & Internet upgradable and updatable.
  • 👍Attention: 1. After you ordered and received the J2534, please send us both of the S/N(12 digits, at the back of the device) of the J2534 and your MK908(P) /MS908S (Pro)/ Maxisys Elite to us to bind the two device together. 2. The functions are NOT universally compatible. Please send VIN number to 🚘auteldirect @ outlook . com🚘 to check compatibility before your order.
Bestseller No. 3
CarDAQ-Plus 3 All Makes J2534 Reprogramming Tool
  • ALL OF THE J2534 PROTOCOLS - This single unit has all of the protocols you need for your OEM J2534 reprogramming and diagnostics including the latest in DoIP and CanFD
  • J2534 TECHNICAL SUPPORT - FREE for the life of the tool. Staffed by technicians who understand vehicle repair and J2534 Pass‑thru
  • TOOLBOX WITH OEM APPLICATION DESCRIPTIONS - educational video tutorials and real-time news – Giving you the confidence and up-to-date knowledge to get the job done
  • J2534 v05.00 API - The newest version of J2534 to give you the latest in pass-thru technology
  • FUTURE PROOF WITH 4 CAN CHANNELS - Going beyond the 3 required by select Chrysler/FCA models, CarDAQ-Plus 3 also provides a 4th to meet the needs of future OEM applications
Bestseller No. 4
LAUNCH X431 PRO5 Elite,J2534 Reprogramming Tool with CAN/CAFD/DoIP/HD protocols,AutoAuth for FCA SGW OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool,Bidirectional Scan Tool,ECU Coding,50+ Reset,OEM Full Systems Scanner
  • 🆚LAUNCH X431 PRO5 scan tool Upgrade all functions of X431 PRO3/X-431 Throttle III/X431-TorqueIII/X431 V+, PROS V+, PAD3. ⓵ J2534 ECU Programming &Online functions directly connect to OEM server, 50+ reset same as X-431 Throttle;⓶Bi-directional control and All system diagnostics as Snap-on scanner; ⓷ Support 150+ brands Vehicles (include CAN/CAFD/DoIP/HD protocols and AutoAuth for FCA SGW) ⓸Powered by 8-core processor(1.8GHz), Android9.0 OS, 2.4 & 5GHz WiFi connection.
  • 🚜[J2534 Reprogramming With FREE SMARTBOX 3.0】Save more than $2000, LAUNCH X431 PRO5 support J2534/DOIP/CANFD/HD protocols (Needn’t buy HDIII Module,Manufacture software and non-16pin adaptors need to be purchased separately.) Download OEM software from the manufacturer’s server to 1) program data to blank/used ECUs; 2) Reflash ECUs with data loss; 3)Upgrade ECU software version. As a wireless VCI allowing the vehicle to transmit data to the diagnostic tablet without a physical connection.
  • 👏[50+ Reset, Continuously Updated Reset Functions]: With the LAUNCH diagnostic tool, You will never be bothered by tricky vehicle issues and keep pace with newer technology. 50 commonly reset functions ( in the quick page ) reaching into the smallest parts to root out the problems. Extra 300+ repair functions ( in-vehicle catalog) for specific models extend the capability to reset, regeneration, initiation, matching, etc. (Functions vary by models, configurations, and systems.)
  • 🌐[One stop Intelligent Diagnostic Tool]: LAUNCH X431 PRO5 obd2 scanner Bluetooth provides Repair Tips, Repair Assist, Component Measurement, TSB, Relevant Cases DTC Analysis to simplify complex diagnostic and achieve the trouble-free repair. 🤩[One Scanner For Multiple Uses]: LAUNCH diagnostic tool PRO5 collaborates with add-on modules (ADAS, Videoscope, TSGUN, X-ProG3, WiFi Pinter, Battery Tester) to expand business applications and improve diagnostic accuracy.
  • 👍【2022 New OE Level Online Functions 】Bidirectional Scan Tool offers you various high-end online functions, which enable you to access the online data to do fast & complicated vehicle repairs, e.g. 1) ECU Coding for replacing, match, relearn, recode new ECU modules; 2) Online Coding for BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche, Benz to surf OEM data; 3) VAG Guided functions ease complex issues; 4) Personalization & ADAS improving car performance and driving safety.
SaleBestseller No. 5
LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 Scan Tool: 2022 J2534 Reprogramming Tool, ECU Online Coding with 50+ Services Upgraded of X431 V+, Bi-Directional Diagnostic Scanner, with SmartBox 3.0 CANFD & DOIP, 2 Years Update
  • 👍【Why Choose LAUNCH scanner X431 PRO5】It is the original LAUNCH X431 scan tool, the 2022 upgraded version of PROS V+, X431 PRO3 and V+ 4.0, which is a worthwhile investment for repair shops and mechanics. LAUNCH X431 PRO 5, all is set to OE-level standards with 1) J2534 ECU Programming & 50+ service same as PAD Series; 2) Bi-directional control + All system diagnostics as Snap-on scanner; 3) Online Coding functions directly connect to OEM server; 4) support 150+ brands Wordlwide from 1996-2022.
  • 👍【J2534 Programming with Smart Box 3.0】 What is super SmartBox 3.0 VCI? Worth 1000$, Smart Box 3.0 is backed on new J2534/CANFD/DOIP, which enables you to run 14x quicker data trans and advanced OEM J2534 reprogramming for B-MW, Benz, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, GW, Volvo, etc. (please reach to us for more details). It also serves as a wireless VCI allowing the vehicle to transmit data to the diagnostic tablet without a physical connection.
  • 👍【LAUNCH X431 PRO 5 with Powerful 50+ Services】Especially designed for pro mechanics and big repair shops, Launch X431 scanner PRO5 is equipped with 50+ hot reset functions for 150 car makes which same as X431 PAD serious. Easy to navigate and help you do ABS Bleeding, TPMS Reset, Oil Reset, EPB Reset, Suspension, BMS, Injector Coding, IMMO, Power balance, Throttle Matching and more. 🚩Notice: we offer 2-year free update while other brands generally 1 year.
  • 👍【Active Test + Local-smith Level ECU Coding】Come with appealing bi-directional control to troubleshoot all possible problems for full systems within 5 minutes. This LAUNCH X431 PRO scanner even develops all practical functions needed by all technicians: 1) ECU Coding for replacing, match, relearn, recode new ECU modules; 2) Online Coding for BMW, VW, Porsche, Benz to surf OEM data; 3) VAG Guided functions ease complex issues; 4) Personalization & ADAS improving car performance and driving safety.
  • 👍【All System Diagnostics for 99% Vehicle Coverage] Serve for 150+ American, Asian, European brands, and cover 99% of vehicle models worldwide. This LAUNCH diagnostic scan tool can operate complete full-function diagnostics to all on-board systems to troubleshoot and repair all vehicle problems, including Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, Immobilizer, Gateway, Steering, Radio, Air Conditioning, etc.
Bestseller No. 6
BOSCH Automotive Tools MTECH2 Mastertech II J2534 VCI with Wired/Wireless Capability for OEM Reprogramming and Diagnostics on GM, Ford, FCA, Nissan/Infiniti, Honda/Acura, and Toyota/Lexus Vehicles
  • [J2534 COMPLIANT] - The Mastertech II is a J2534-1 and J2534-2 compliant VCI for OEM reprogramming and diagnostic applications
  • [FULLY VALIDATED BY TOP 6 OEMS] - Mastertech II has been fully validated to operate with the top 6 OEM reprogramming applications: GM, Ford, FCA, Nissan/Infinity, Honda/Acura, and Toyota/Lexus
  • [PRE-CONFIGURED] - The pre-configured wireless and wired connections make it quick and easy to connect to a vehicle from your PC (requires PC compliant with OE specifications and software)
  • [RIGHT TO REPAIR] - Supports 'Right to Repair' (R2R) initiatives
  • [COMPREHENSIVE KIT] - Kit includes: VCI, WiFi adapters (wireless PC to VCI), J1962 Cable (connect to vehicle), USB cable (connect to PC for firmware updates and setup), and Quick Start Guide
Bestseller No. 7
RAP2 OEM J2534 Remote Reprogramming Tool for GM / Ford / Chrysler / Toyota / Honda / Nissan / Hyundai / Kia / BMW / Mercedes
  • All in one kit. Everything you need to reprogram vehicles in your shop. Includes OEM software and we do the programming for you.
  • Stop sending vehicles to the dealer or calling a mobile technician. We do the programming for you.
  • Includes hardware, OEM software, voltage maintainer and access to our team of remote experts so vehicles can be reprogrammed in your shop hassle‑free.
  • Call to schedule your programming session, plug it in, and we do the rest!
  • Currently covers BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai / Kia, Mercedes and Nissan.
Bestseller No. 8
Autel MaxiCOM MK908 Pro II OBD2 Scanner: 2022 New Ver. of MaxiSYS MS908S Pro MK908P Elite with Top Hardware, J2534 Programming, ECU Coding, Bi-Directional, 36 Service for 150 Brands, FCA AutoAuth
  • 🚗【2022 MaxiCOM MK908 Pro II】Updated of the old version MK908P, MS908S Pro, Autel released the enhanced version MK908 Pro II to bring you a brand-new experience at the same cost. 1) Hardware upgrade: Qualcomm 660, 4+128GB, the latest Android 10, etc.2) Advanced diagnostic features: J2534 programming, coding, active test, 10+ newly added features. 3) Broader model coverage: 150+ brands, FCA AutoAuth, no IP restrictions. One device can totally support the diagnostic needs of a repair shop.
  • 🚗【J2534 ECU Programming and OE-Level Coding】2022 newly released MK908P II auto scanner shares the coding and programming functions with Elite. J2534 ECU programming is designed for B-M-W and Mercedes, allowing you to do online programming directly. Along with the ability to code online and activate hidden features for Benz, BMW, A-udi, Porsche, VW, Nissan, Infiniti, Hyundai, and other major brands, OBD2 scanner MK908P II is definitely an top scanner that will win more orders.
  • 🚗【36 Service for 150+ brands】Same as the OE scanners like snap-on, Autel scanner has strong service capability and can go deep into every part to perform matching and resetting functions. What is better than the OE tools is that 36 services are not just for one specific brand, but for over 150 makes, covering 99% of the models from 1996-2022. MK908P II also supports AutoAuth, and Renault SGW, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues.
  • 🚗【All System Diagnosis & Comprehensive Report】Code reader MK908PRO II is a professional automotive diagnostic tool compatible with all systems diagnostics. It can diagnose all symptoms of faulty parts, including reading and clearing DTC. View a live data stream from every system. That real-time data means no delay in getting to work. Pre and post-scan reports keep your clients informed of the repair details and provide them with the evidence to settle insurance claims.
  • 🚗【Active Test Gives In-depth Knowledge of Cars】Unlike conventional mechanic scanners, escaner automotriz professional MK908P II auto scan tool allows users can get access to the vehicle subsystem and output commands to the related ECU, thus driving the actuators to perform a specific function and determining the integrity of the system or parts. Monitor the operation of the actuators for accurate diagnostics, such as switching a solenoid, relay, or switch, between two operating states.
Bestseller No. 9
LAUNCH X431 PRO5 with Free J2534 ECU Reprogramming Tool for OEM Reprogramming and Diagnostics, 50+ Reset,OE-Level All Systems Bi-Directional Scanner for CANFD/DOIP/ Heavy Duty Truck,Key IMMO Scan Tool
  • Featured with a brand-new upgrade system, X-431 PRO5 is newly designed for All Makes, All Models, and Full system diagnosis and assists the technician to make the vehicle diagnosis and repair easier at all skill levels.
  • [J2534 ECU Reprogramming Tool, No IP Limitation]: LAUNCH X431 PRO5 scan tool Upgrade all functions of X431 V+, PROS V1.0, PAD3. With the SmartBox3.0 can download the OEM software from the manufacturer’s server for free.
  • [3 IN-1 FREE J2534 ECU Programming Device: LAUNCH X431 PRO5 support all new J2534/DOIP/CANFD protocols to access data and OE programming downloads for most Car; Support DC9-36V for HD Vehicle ( No NEED buy HD Module, SAVING $900+.)
  • [ One-stop Intelligent Tools]: Workshop level scan tool X431 PRO5 with the repair fix solutions database, Code Assist, Repair Tips,Component Measurement, TSB, Relevant Cases,DTC Analysis to simplify complex diagnostic and achieve the trouble-free repair.
  • [50+ Reset, Continuously Updated Reset Functions]: 50 resets reaching into the smallest parts to root out the problems. Extra 300+ repair functions ( in-vehicle catalog) for specific models extend the capability to regeneration, initiation, matching, etc.
Bestseller No. 10
LAUNCH X431 PAD VII, 2022 J2534 Reprogramming Tool, ECU Online Coding, Topology Map Intelligent Diagnostic Scanner, 2 Years Free Update, Upgraded of X431 PAD3/ V+, 50+ Services, Bi-Directional Control
  • 🥇【LAUNCH X431 PAD VII, 2022 Top Diagnostic Scanner】 As the latest all-around scan tool, LAUNCH X431 PAD VII has upgraded on top of LAUNCH X431 PRO5/PADIII/V+ 4.0 to rival the OEM automotive scanner. Owing ecu programming & online coding, J2534/RP1210/D-PDU/Do-IP/CANFD diagnostic protocols, topology map, 50+ service functions, 2022 advanced functions, highest hardware configuration, and 99.99% vehicles coverage, LAUNCH X431 PAD VII is a worthwhile investment for repair shops and mechanics.
  • 【Online Programming & ECU Coding】 LAUNCH X431 PAD VII diagnostic tool with Smartlink C can perform ECU coding & programming to get the car to work correctly after module replacement. They support multiple protocols: J2534 (diagnose vehicles with OEM software and VCI), RP1210/D-PDU (diagnose heavy trucks (the diagnostic software and a non-standard 16PIN connector sold separately), Do-IP (diagnose E and F Chassis BMWs and new cars from Land Rover/Jaguar), CAN FD (diagnose new vehicles from GM).
  • 【LAUNCH X431 PAD VII, 50+ Services & Topology Map】 LAUNCH X431 PAD VII bidirectional scan tool has 50+ maintenance functions, including but not limited to oil reset/ABS Bleeding/Injector Coding/AdBlue reset, helping you win more business. With topology map function, you can check the DTCs and all systems communication status visually in LAUNCH X431 PAD VII top obd2 scanner. The actuation test enables the tablet to output commands to the ECU to determine the integrity of systems or parts.
  • 【Intelligent Diagnose & Guided Functions】 LAUNCH X431 PAD VII scan tool aims at freeing mechanics from tedious works. Intelligent Diagnose can easily get the VIN information of the car, guide you to vehicle information page without step-by-step selection, and display all diagnostic records. Guided Function (for V.A.G) enables you to follow the on-screen prompts, simple & convenient. Pin Detection allows you to detect the voltage of DLC pins and supported protocol types to troubleshoot the DLC.
  • 【All-in-One Tool for Diagnoses and Inspections, Save $2000+】 LAUNCH X431 PAD VII supports add-on modules (sold separately) to carry out more in-depth inspections and calibrations: oscillograph, sensor, battery test, endoscope, Wi-Fi printer, TSGUN, Immobilizer,etc. With 60+ advanced functions: guided functions, component matching, power balance, online parameterization, online calibration, LAUNCH X431 PAD VII high-end comprehensive diagnostic scan tool turns you into a pro auto mechanic.

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